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Safe and Supportive Schools for All Students

Every student deserves a school environment in which they can succeed academically and emotionally. MDS3 is a federally funded initiative that supports high schools in the selection and implementation of evidence based practices to better school’s climate. Learn more about the way we’re changing K-12 education, one safe and supportive school at a time.

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About MDS3

The MDS3 initiative is based on implementation science that extends beyond just putting practices in place but also focuses on structures and systems that support and sustain efforts. Participating schools form a leadership team, use data and get student, staff and family input using the MDS3 Climate Survey developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins University. Schools get access to training and are supported by a school climate specialist to ensure high quality implementation. MDS3 is working to ensure we are meeting the needs of all students. 


We see a future where all students achieve academic success in a safe and supportive school environment. Learn more about the future we plan to build.


It takes a lot of talented people and hard work to get where we’re going. We have a plan for how we’re going to expand MDS3 into more schools. Learn how.

We have a web-based survey system for assessing school climate, safety, school engagement and environment. We would love your input!

Get Involved

There are a lot of ways to get involved with the work we’re doing. In fact, it takes a strong, supportive and committed community to transform our schools into safe, supportive environment for academic achievement. Please contact us if you would like to be an MDS3 ally.

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